Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Coming Down In November

Well we've already cashed in our bonus hour of clock-going-forward sleep and the nights are drawing in and it's cold and it's rainy but HOT DAMN we're excited about what's coming up in November. Seriously, it's gonna be great.

NOVEMBER THE FOURTH! Two eminent friends of ours popping along to drop some exquisitely-tooled DJ sets for us: not only Tom Cox, music journalist and cat tickler but also Lounge favourite Darren Hayman, who promises us a set of English folk tunes to celebrate the release of his "The Violence" LP, which is, frankly, effing brilliant and utterly unique. There'll be a jumble sale upstairs as well. What a bargain.

NOVEMBER THE ELEVENTH: The excellent Robert Rotifer will be our guest DJ this afternoon, and there might be more special guests that day too, so keep 'em peeled for more news.

NOVEMBER THE EIGHTEENTH: it's the big one! The Chickfactor All-Dayer, part two of the London leg of our favourite fanzine's twenty-year celebrations. A proper galaxy of stars will be performing upstairs through the afternoon. The bad news is that it's a ticketed event and is all sold out. So we're sorry about that but it's not like we didn't warn you. Downstairs will be open as usual - though it'll likely be a bit busy - and some key figures in the celebrations will be playing records, so if you don't have a ticket but you fancy mingling please drop in and have a beer downstairs. 

NOVEMBER THE TWENTY FIFTH: DJ Downfall's birthday. There's nothing more to be said. It could get messy. It'll sound brilliant along the way. 

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