Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Coming Down in July - Update special

I told you I'd be back to finish off the "coming up in June" post, and here I am. Here's what we'll be doing for the rest of the month:

JULY 22: it's Helen McCookerybook and Let's Wrestle doing one of our afternoon unamplified shows. Time Out says one or the other of them will be "amping up the volume" or somesuch: not if we can help it they won't.

(JULY 28: Quick reminder of the Saturday lunchtime Daylight Music / WIAIWYA / ITTPTC fandango. It's going to be amazing, yes it is.)

JULY 29: to coincide with the start of some sporting event down the road, but in no way connected with same, we'll be rocking out a selection of board games for the afternoon, and we'll be joined on the decks by our chum and yours Rob Brennan.

And that, my dears, takes us up to the end of July. Back for one of these relating to August before long. I can tell you're excited.

[edit yes yes July I meant July. You knew that.]

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