Monday, 7 February 2011

The First Lady Of Indiepop

This Sunday we're delighted to welcome back the first lady of indiepop Pam Berry (as celebrated in song by The Shins) once of Black Tambourine (as celebrated in song by Beck) and many other bands who will one day be celebrated in song because of their songs (apart from Bright Colored Lights, who were named after the Crash song).

Pam will be joined by Mr Pam Berry, aka Mike Jones, ace DJ in his own right. Every time they've DJed for us it's been something special, so come down.


  1. Please, Could know what was the playlist of the session of Pam Berry? Thanks

  2. Hello! We don't have a list to hand but I will ask Pam and see how much of her set she remembers!

  3. Pam says:

    "this isn't in the same order but I think this is probably most of what I played:

    legendary jim ruiz group: be my valentine
    laura cantrell: oh so many years
    orange juice: consolation prize
    dolly mixture: the didn't song
    honeybunch: hey blue sky
    emmylou harris: pancho and lefty
    johnnie ray and the four lads: cry
    holiday: run away to memphis
    the softies: sleep away your troubles
    hopkirk and lee: a love like ivy
    felt: I didn't mean to hurt you
    joe & bing: daybreak
    patsy cline: she's got you
    love: wonder people (I do wonder)
    josef k: it's kinda funny
    free design: I found love
    stereolab: pop quiz
    broadcast: come on let's go
    glen campbell: wichita lineman
    the pastels: comin' through
    the clientele: I wonder who we are
    laura cantrell: the whiskey makes you sweeter
    chad & jeremy: a summer song

    I brought neko case but didn't end up playing it."

    We say: it was great. Pam (and Mike) did a wonderful job.

  4. Lordy, what a fine selection of songs! My fave Laura Cantrell song ("The Whiskey..."), Hopkirk & Lee and The Pastels all in one set. It's fair to say that I'd probably have fainted had I been there!