Friday, 28 January 2011

Live music this Sunday!

I note with some sadness that I've failed to put an advertisement for a live show up on this here blog. I'm sure most of you get your information about this kind of stuff from Facebook or similar (and if not, may I recommend that you sign up for our Facebook group, details over there somewhere) but ANYWAY this Sunday we'll be delighted to present another afternoon of live and unamplified music for your delectation, look:
That means:
1. Darren Hayman, now nearing the end of his amazing January Songs project (that's a song written, recorded and released every day this month, and rumour has it he'll be performing and recording Sunday's song live at the Lounge).
2. Jack Hayter, an old mucker of Darren's from Hefner days and beyond, who's recently released an EP of solo material.
3. World Of Fox, whose LP of '80s covers was the very first release of 2011: this is your chance to get your hands on the super-limited deluxe edition of that record, "Respect", which is one of the most beautiful editions of a CD I've ever seen.
4. The Man Who Loves You, fresh from Plymouth with the folk stylings!

All for free, unamplified, upstairs at the Lounge, Sunday afternoon. The usual business will be going on downstairs if the live rockin's too hard for you. We understand.

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