Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Child-friendly Guidelines

We're delighted that many of our guests choose to bring their lovely kids to the Hangover Lounge for a relaxing afternoon. However, Islington Council have suggested we remind patrons that The Lexington shouldn't be used "like a playground".

We'd love to continue the tradition of punters bringing their children to Sunday's friendly environment, where they're welcome until 7pm. As the venue has hot food/glass/occasionally tipsy adults, there are a few house rules we'd like observed to ensure everyone can enjoy a chilled out afternoon:

If your kids are getting a little overheated, please ask them to simmer down;
Supervise children at all times; and
Prevent them from running about the pub.

Thanks for heeding these guidelines and we look forward to seeing you and your great kids at the Hangover Lounge again.


  1. In other words, Don't bring your kids: Or you'll be asked to leave by the"friendly" staff. You really shouldn't advertise Hangover Lounge as child friendly, it's not. Even a bit.

  2. I beg to differ, Mike. I've found the Lexington to be very child friendly.

    Regardless of whether somewhere is advertised as kid friendly or not I would hope that any parent would always supervise their children and also make sure that they didn't annoy fellow punters, i.e. run round and round and round getting in people's way.

    I've taken my two year old on several occasions and we've all had a relatively good time. With kids you can't expect to go to a pub and have the same experience as you did pre-children. The hangover lounge is as child-friendly as it can be but it's still a bar, it serves adult beverages, and it's up to parents to ensure that their children don't endanger themselves or run riot and drive the bar's non-parent customers away. When my two year old starts to run around and be hard to control we take that as our cue to leave as he's probably tired and we know that we can't expect him to do as we ask, e.g. not run around.

    We've never been asked to leave by the staff and will continue to attend with my child. I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I have found the Hangover Lounge to be very child friendly.

  3. Sorry to hear you had a bad time, Mike. I've been taking my girls to the Hangover Lounge about once a month for over a year (at both its former venue, round the corner at the Salmon and Compass, and at the Lexington) and I've never had any problems.