Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Name That Tune: Drink Wine by The Techniques

Synergy, my friends. Leveraging multiple platforms. Really driving the value from your diversified range of products.

What? Duke Reid. He knew, don't argue. Hard man ex-cop, off-license owner, sound system operator. Also: record producer; largely undisputed king of the rocksteady sound which blew into Jamaica in the 67 / 68 season. Trojan was the sound (the British label inherited the name), Treasure Isle was the label, Treasure Isle was the booze shop.

The result: this beautiful slice of rocksteady, one of my very favourites (and not just because I find the message in the music so sympathetic, or just because of the funky pirate's groovy 'tache on the label).

Come to the dance. Buy lots of booze. Drink same. Not too rowdy, now. I know you'll control yourselves and you'll be... real cool.

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